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    In addition to dedicated Decision Science Laboratory (DeSciL) here at the ETH Zürich, researchers can also use web based experiments to study how people make decisions across a variety of different situations.   What follows are some examples of decision tasks we have used as part of research and teaching.  Several examples are available for anyone to try out, whereas other research tools require an free account.  Email secretary@dbgt.gess.ethz.ch for account requests if you are interested in using these tools as part of your own research.

Individual dynamic decision making

    Sequential investments with positive expectations (open to anyone)

    Real options (open to anyone)

    Sequential risk exposure (open to anyone)

    Generalized secretary problem (open to anyone)

Measuring Social preferences

    Online SVO Slider Measure (open to anyone, account optional)

    General information about measuring SVO

Online attention tracking and process tracing tool

    Flashlight (examples and a demo)

Behavioral game theory and experimental economics

    Embedded trust game (account required)

    Competitive investment settings (account required)

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    DeSciL (The Decision Science Laboratory)