Embedded Trust Game


This is a prediction/cooperation game that is played over the internet with a group of people you already know. In this game each participant will make his/her choice of cooperate or compete, and will do so with each of the other participants in the game. For each dyad, there are 4 possible outcomes.

In the event both you and the other player cooperate, you will each earn 5 points. In the event you compete and the other participant cooperates, you will earn 10 points and they will lose 10 points. If both participants compete then both lose 5 points. If you cooperate and the other participant competes, the you will lose 10 points whereas the other participant will gain 10 points.

The more points you earn the better off you are. Two players will be randomly selected at the end of the game and designated as earners. These earners will be given gift certificates in CHF worth the number of points he/she earned.

You will also be able to make a prediction of what you think each of the other participants will do when playing with you. And you will then be asked how confident you are with your prediction, as well as how much experience you have with each of the other participants.

All decisions are anonymous and the results of what you choose will not be made available to the other players.

All players start with 100 points.

Game Matrix